I would think that the majority of people have no idea what they’re doing with their lives. For my sister and I, we’re in that group. We never really had a plan, still don’t, and just kind of winging it and hoping for the best.

I’m a year and a half older than my sister, we’re both in our 30’s. Growing up, we were always told that as long as we passed our classes, we were good to go. I didn’t go the traditional route of attending college right out of high school, but my sister did. When it came to a college degree, we were always told that the degree we got didn’t matter, and that as long as we got one we would be set in terms of obtaining a job. However, we both learned a little too late that this mentality is not accurate. We should have gone to college with a plan on what we wanted to do AFTER college. This was something neither of us knew we needed to consider.

I obtained my degree at the age of 28. I worked as a work-study student during my junior and senior years. The people I worked for heard about a full-time staff position available in another area of campus and recommended I apply, so I did and was offered the position. I’ve been working in a university setting ever since. As I’ve gotten a little older, bounced between universities, and participated in hiring processes, I’ve realized how important it is to stick to a job, at least a working area, and not bounce around between different types of job areas, areas that have no relation to each other and don’t build your skills or advance your knowledge in the one area. In other words, I need to focus on one job type and not be a jack of all trades. I tended to keep wanting a more exciting job, one that didn’t keep me behind a desk. I even considered police work, but as I was filling out the application paperwork, I kept reconsidering due to the current anti-cop climate, and ultimately felt that this wasn’t for me. I yearn for a much more relaxed lifestyle.

My sister is now in that transition period of her life where she needs to start sticking to something, especially since she has a kid now. I thought she was doing well in her certified nursing assistant role, and that she was enjoying it because she was getting to truly help all kinds of people (my sister has a huge, wonderful heart), she had even been talking about going to school for nursing to become a registered nurse. This, to me, is a natural progression which I am fully supportive of. However, now she’s talking about applying for a job with an adoption agency (I think?) and going to school for some sort of counseling. Neither of these have anything to do with the medical field, nor nursing. I feel that to completely change her field of work places her back at the bottom of the totem pole again, and she may end up in a loop of always looking for something better. Before recently, I was experiencing the same thing, I felt so lost, so I completely understand what she’s going through.

I am also afraid that she’s going to choose a school program that isn’t well respected, known, or that will put her back in to debt, in which she just LITERALLY got herself out of (super proud of her for this!). I don’t think she has a realistic view on how much time a Master’s degree program and working a full-time job really takes, especially since she has a one and half year old kid. I’m just thinking that since she currently has some stability now, maybe she could wait until her kid a little more self-sufficient and doesn’t require a constant watchful eye. My sister is lost, and I don’t know how to help her. All I can do is sit back and watch, seeing as she doesn’t listen to anything I say. I guess all I can do is continue to pray that the Lord guide her and help her feel content. I love her so much, and truly want the best, but the grass isn’t always greener.

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